Network of Associate Engineers and International Partners
Our CDM team works together with a team of seasoned Associate Engineers based in Belgium, who contribute years of experience in the implementation of projects in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, enabling CMC to offer tailor-made services to 
our clients.
In addition, CMC relies on a network of local partners for the identification and the development of CDM projects on all continents. Partners then work closely with the client company and with CMC Consultants to bring the project to a successful completion. 


Our Local Partners are located in the following countries:
Argentina    Colombia Malaysia
Brazil  Ecuador Thailand
Chile India China

Birla Carbon Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd. ("BCMC")
Given the leading role of India in the implementation of CDM projects, Groupe D'Antibes elected to join forces with the SK Birla group of companies in a Joint Venture dedicated to the enhancement of the CDM in India. It aims to bring companies in India to embrace the CDM process and to fully exploit its advantages which include the revenues from the sale of carbon credits, possible technology transfers and the opportunity to contribute to sustainable development in the region and country. 

Having a thorough knowledge of the Indian Industry and the actors and policies regarding Climate Change in the country, BCMC is extremely well positioned to offer the CMC services to Indian project promoters.